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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Plan

This is my 18 week training plan for my 50k.  The truth is, I made it up.  I totally faked it!  I have no idea if it's a good plan, but I'm flexible, so if it's too hard or too easy, I'm open to change.  I'm also open to suggestions. And no, telling me how nuts I am isn't helpful.  I patched this plan together based on three different plans, a lot of online ultramarathon tips and a few words of advice from a friend or two.  Here are the plans I used to make this beauty:
Hal Higdon's Marathon Training Plan- Novice 2 (This is the plan I used for the St. George marathon)
Ultraladies 50K Event Training Plan (Yikes! 20 whole weeks?!)
Santa Clarita Runners: Ultramarathon Training Plan (Double yikes!  Only 12 weeks!?)

I see a lot of early mornings and sore muscles in my near future.  What else could a girl want?  I'll be starting this bad boy on Monday, November 19th.  Wish me luck!

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