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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Training Week 1

Today wraps up my first week of 50k training.  And as Lila would say it was easy peasy lemon squeezy! Today I ran 12 miles.  I ran from my house to Meghan's house, which is two miles away, then we ran just over six miles together.  We ran up through the neighborhood to a nearby trail and ran out and back on that and back to her place.  Then I headed back home taking a new route that I knew would give me a little more mileage.  I came upon a hill that I was not expecting!  I gained 70 feet at a 10-18% grade in a matter of minutes!  Luckily after that it was mostly a gradual downhill the rest of the way home and I made it in great time!  Today was one of those days that was so great you're certain if everyone on earth was a runner there would be world peace.

12 miles
10:35 min/mile pace

This week's training
3, 3, 5.12, 12
Total mileage: 23.12

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