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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Training Weeks 5 & 6

Monday -
Tuesday 8
Wednesday -
Thursday 5
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday 21.2
Week 5 Total 34.2

Monday -
Tuesday 4.78 Yoga
Wednesday 3 Yoga
Thursday Yoga
Friday Core/upper body & Yoga
Saturday 13.2
Sunday 7.3
Week 6 Total 28.28

Previous Total: 146.12
Training Grand Total: 208.6


  1. Do you have a post about your yoga? Do you take a class or do a practice at home?

    I've got a date with my husband to go out and buy new running shoes next weekend, and I'm trying to do some planning to keep my aging body happy with going back to running after such a long break. (I started running again and then realized that my shoes are 10+ years old; my knees and hip clued me in.)

    1. This gal has a few yoga for runners videos on Youtube that I really like. I do them a lot because they're good, but they're also short (read: easy to do with kids around.) Sometimes I go to the class at the gym, but mostly I practice at home. The more miles I do, the more I find yoga helpful! New shoes are good!

    2. http://runrenee.blogspot.com/2013/06/yoga-for-runners-injury-prevention.html

    3. Thanks, Renee! My husband cancelled the shoe-buying date in favor of a hiking date (he said hiring a babysitter to buy running shoes seemed lame...and I can't really argue with a kid-free hike), so I've got a little longer before I put my renewed running plan in place. I'll check out the yoga videos!

    4. A hiking date sounds great! :)


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