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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Round Valley

Today's run was a brutal shove back into winter running after ten days in Florida.  It was 13º (feels like 6º whatever that means!?) and windy.  Yeah, it was cold!  Katherine and I went to check out Round Valley in Park City.  I have been hearing a lot about these trails and after seeing recent pictures of pristine groomed trails, we decided it was time to go!  

7:15am, and oh so very cold!  Here we go!
The trailhead.

The sun was very welcome and warmed us up considerably!

We didn't make it far before I decided to go back and get this little beauty out of Katherine's car.  Bank robber or trail runner?  

Here are some photos that Katherine took:
It's not a party run until Renee starts dancing!
 Tire swing!?  Yes, please!

 Are you ready for this?

Here is the map of trails.  We went on Hat Trick, Fastpitch and Land of Oz. Round Valley Winter Trails

Despite the cold, it was a wonderful run.  The company was stellar, trails were great and the air was clean.  Who can complain about that?

5.87 miles
13:37 average pace

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