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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Trail Run Tuesday: My New Love

Today I got to hit the trails and try out all my new gear! I had a fabulous run up Millcreek Canyon on the Pipeline Trail.  It was cold at first, but once the sun came out I warmed up quite nicely!  I'm sure you're all wondering how I liked the Altra Lone Peak 1.5s.  Well, let me put it this way:  If my husband were a shoe, he'd be a Lone Peak 1.5!  I loved them!  The zero drop gives it the minimalist feel I love, the wide toe box is a dream and the cushion helped me run over rocks and ruts without a care!  I even purposely kicked a couple of rocks to see how sturdy the toe box is.  Pretty darn good, but I still don't recommend kicking rocks while you run.  Overall, the run was outstanding and I didn't want to stop.  In fact I ran for every minute possible until I had to leave to pick up my youngest from Kindergarten.  

I have to say that I was a little hesitant to wear the Balega socks.  I didn't think they would be warm enough, but I was pleasantly surprised that my feet were warm and toasty for the whole run (start temperature 20º).   Of course, I won't know how the Blister Resist really works until I wear them on a significantly longer run, but I did like them for this run.
I am really thrilled about this feature.  A gaiter trap!  Awesome!
They're pretty cute, don't you think?  Waaay too clean, though!
Hello from Millcreek Canyon!

There was dirt, ice, mud and snow.  A great combination for trying out new kicks!

Time to try the Honey Stinger gel.  It was really sweet and tasted basically just like honey.  It didn't bother my tummy, but I only had one.  Not sure how I would handle multiples.

So warm I took my fleece off!
Dirty shoes.  That's better.

There was also enough snow and ice that I tried them with my Kahtoola microspikes.  They were very comfortable with the microspikes, which is huge.  The microspikes are awful with my La Sportiva's, they dig into my toes.  That's no good at all.  

It was a wonderful run and I'm beyond thrilled with my new shoes!  Now, I just need to go buy a pair of the road version!

8.26 miles
11:22 pace (considering conditions and the fact that I stopped four times to take spikes off/put spikes on, and all the picture stops, that's pretty darn good!)

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