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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The tide is high but I'm running on

Tuesday I had one last hoorah on the beach before packing the family off to the airport.  It was a beautiful morning, just the right temperature at about 55º.  When I got the the beach the sky was on fire.  The picture just does not do it justice.  The tide was fairly high, so the running was a bit difficult, but not too bad.  Just a bit bumpy and uneven in patches.  It was fun to run as close to the water as possible without getting soaked by a wave.  At about mile six I totally petered out.  I did so much running last week because it was warm and because I love running on the beach, but my body has gotten used to fairly low mileage.  I just did what any party runner would do, and stopped for lots of pictures!  

The sky fire

 The whole sky turned this pinkish purple color and it was reflecting on the sand and water.  It was beautiful.
 More jellies!
This guy had seen better days.
Now this made my day!  A tree on the beach!  To whomever put it there, thank you from the bottom of my heart!  PHOTO TIME!

 This biggest one I'd ever seen!  Keep in mind those shoes are a ladies size 11.5  No small kicks!
 I saw these chairs on my last run too, but this time I was compelled to sit for a moment.
 Too bad Speedy K wasn't there to fill the other chair!
 A surfer heading out.

I loved all my beach runs!  Now, it's back to bad air, snow and ice.  Time for some runs above the inversion!

8.44 miles
11:43 average pace


  1. This just makes me want to live on a beach!!!! Yes, I said live. I don't think I could ever get sick of the ocean tide. And I hope you use that tree picture for your next year's Christmas greeting!

    1. there was a homeless person living on the beach... or maybe not. maybe it was just another you somewhere who wanted to "live on the beach" ;P


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