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Monday, December 30, 2013

Week in Review

More like weeks in review. Here are the past two weeks:

Week of December 16th
Monday: HIIT, 3.5 mile road run, 1 mile treadmill run, chest day
Tuesday: 4.52 mile trail run
Wednesday: HIIT
Thursday: full body weight lifting routine
Friday: REST
Saturday: 2.25 miles treadmill, chest day + v-squats
Sunday: rest day, flying to Florida!
11.27 miles total

Week of December 23rd:
Monday: 3.48 miles
Tuesday: 3.03 miles, chest day
Wednesday: REST Merry Christmas!
Thursday: 10 mile beach run
Friday: yoga, leg day
Saturday: HIIT
Sunday: 5.03 mile beach run + Abs, chest & triceps
21.54 miles total

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