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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trail Run Tuesday: This is the best one yet!

This was definitely the best run yet this winter!  Katherine and I headed up to Millcreek Canyon and decided to go up the very first trailhead for the Pipeline trail, Rattlesnake Gulch.  It was just under a three-quarter mile hike up to the trail, and it was very cold to start.  But, once we got up to the Pipeline the sun was just coming up and it was warm and beautiful.  It was like an instant shot of happy!  My entire day was better because of this run!  I think I'll just let all the photos tell you the rest of the story...

Before we headed up.  Bundled up for the 19┬║ weather!
Rattlesnake Gulch trailhead

Katherine was cursing my name at this point.  The climb seemed never ending...
To the Pipeline at last!  Here comes the sun!
There I go!  Photo by Katherine:
Above the inversion.  Too bad we had to come back down into that gross air!  I could have stayed up there all day!
You can only just see the tip of the Antelope Island mountains in the distance, center frame.
Photo by Katherine:

At the end of the trail.

Photo by Katherine:
Panoramic pollution.  Photo by Katherine:
Look!  DIRT!  I love dirt!
Makes me feel like it's not winter!  Photo by Katherine:

It didn't take long to warm up once we were in that wonderful sunshine!
This is fantastic!!! Photo by Katherine:
Dirt, glorious, dirt!

Photo by Katherine:
Here comes Katherine!

Must do this again SOON!

4.52 miles
13:30 average pace

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