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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Family Firsts

My step-mom, Laura, has been on a journey this year to lose weight and become healthier.  She's doing an amazing job and has lost about 25 pounds.  My dad got her a treadmill and after much use, they decided to sign up for 5K together!  They did the Savannah River Bridge Run together today.  I talked to them both afterwards and it sounds like they both enjoyed it!  They finished in about 55 minutes.  I am so very proud of Laura and my dad!  It sounds like there will be more 5k's in their future!  Hooray!  Maybe some day we'll do one together!

Beautiful Laura
 My Dad
 Run.  Walk.  Crawl.
 And, as they both pointed out, they weren't last!  
Congratulations again Dad & Laura!  Love you!

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