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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Daily Mile

Today was my only run all week.  With a twinge in my knee last week, I just wasn't willing to push it.  Now, I'm feeling great!  Katherine and I went and hit up the Olympic Oval since it was all of 15º outside.  She planned a lovely little speed work meets push ups kind of workout for us.  We had a blast and we had the place totally to ourselves for most of the time.  Bonus!  We could be as loud and obnoxious as we wanted without worry!  The track at the Oval is 442 meters, which is just over a quarter of a mile.

Here's the low down:
Run 4 laps warm up
Run 4 laps race pace
Run 1 lap cool down
Push ups 20 real push ups 20 modified push ups (Katherine stuck with the modified push ups)
Plank 60 seconds
Side plank both sides 30 seconds
Run 4 laps warm up
Run 4 laps 1/2 lap sprint, 1/2 lap easy pace
100 crunches
100 Russian twists
50 Bicycle crunches 
25 Squats
25 Squat kicks
Countless epic high fives to running buddy interspersed accordingly

Go Katherine!  Get it!
 I'm thinking 38 push ups for my 38th birthday.  I've got time...

Running finished!

Crunch time!
Squat it out, ladies!  

The view from the floor.  It's a huge building!
Yeah, we were tired.  And happy.
Okay, now I know we've never fooled around on a run before *cough cough* but we saw this Christmas stuff and couldn't resist!

Today was a lot of fun!  I kind of forgot that I used to like sprinting.  I can haul ass pretty well on the super short stuff.  We will definitely be doing this again!

4.668 miles
Not really sure about time or pace.  The GPS on the Garmin doesn't work indoors.  Next time I'll have to use a stopwatch!

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