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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Daily Mile & Lift

First things first, my amazing husband got me this kick ass t-shirt and shorts from Flag nor Fail  for Christmas.  The t-shirt says, "Never catch your breath."  YES!  I love it!
Now, on to the other good stuff!  I had an huge PR at the gym tonight!  I pressed 95 pounds on the decline bench press!  I only did two reps, but still, that is huge!  I am so super pumped about that!  When I first started lifting last year, I could only bench 30 pounds.  Jeff and I went to his gym.  I did a little running on the treadmill and we did chest and I threw in some squats for good measure.  They have a v-squat machine that I had never tried, but loved!

The routine:
Decline bench press
Incline bench press
High and low cable fly 
Bench press drop set

And because there is never anyone in the ladies locker room at Jeff's gym, I took advantage and snapped a couple of selfies.  The quads are coming along nicely.  

1.25 miles
9:58 pace

1 mile- alternating walk/run

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