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Friday, December 6, 2013


Yesterday I felt amazing.  Even better, I'm starting to see my hard work paying off.  I can lift more and am seeing more muscle definition.  I'm feeling really strong and positive.  I haven't run at all this week, but as it's been about 7º out when I would go running, I'm not really all that sad about it.  I think come spring I'll be ready to kill it on the trail.

Weight lifting:
Stiff leg dead lifts with shrugs
Incline dumbbell press
Upright row
Skull crushers
Leg extension
Leg curl
Wide grip tricep dip
Pull ups

-20 minutes elliptical

Ab workout:
100 Russian twists with 10# weight
100 crunches
1 minute plank
100 bicycle crunches
50 Spiderman planks
25 side plank right
25 side plank left
25 hip thrust with 10# weight
50 reverse crunches

One month belly fat difference.  Who wants to go bikini shopping with me?

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