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Friday, December 13, 2013

murder was the case that they gave me

Yeah, I killed it lifting this week!  Back day on Tuesday and leg day today.  I had two PRs at the gym today.  I squatted 75 pounds and did 70 pounds on the leg curl!   Murder!

Back day:
Barbell row
Lat pull down
Seated cable row
Hammer Strength high row
Delt rope pulls

1.2 treadmill miles
11:42 pace

Leg day:
Leg curls
Leg extensions
Calf raises
Hip abductors/adductors
20 mins elliptical

My personal trainer. <3

70# on the leg curl machine!
If you dare wear short shorts!
I'm pretty sure I won't be able to sit on the toilet tomorrow.  Good thing the old folks who lived here before us installed safety handrails next to both the toilets.

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