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Monday, December 16, 2013

Daily Mile

Today seemed like a good day to run.  Despite some nasty haze outside, the sun is out and the sky is (relatively) blue.  It was also around 20º by the time I got out.  I veritable heat wave!  I felt really good and strong.  The biggest problem is all the damn black ice.  I'd go from a nine minute mile to barely walking every time the road looked even remotely icy.  I am a pretty big sissy about this.  I do not want to fall!  But, it was wonderful to get out and move my legs!  

New Drymax socks.  They were nice and toasty!
Some call it a running belt or fuel belt.  But, come on, let's be honest....  It's really just a fanny pack!

I found this quarter!  It must be my lucky day!

3.5 miles
10:53 average pace

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