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Friday, January 24, 2014

Fabulous Flex Friday

Back and shoulder day rocked my world! I have gotten so much stronger. I actually lifted (just over) my body weight today.  I did two sets of 135# dead lifts! I also tried two new moves, military press and wide grip upright rows. I loved the military press! That one will definitely be added to my weekly routine!

Dead lifts
Pull ups
Barbell shrugs
Close grip seated cable rows
Machine lat raises
Standing barbell military press 
Wide grip upright rows
Back extensions with 30# kettle bell
Hanging leg lift
20 minutes elliptical

There it is! 135# of total body strength!
And no gym session would be complete without me flexing it up in the locker room afterward!  
Happy flex Friday all!

Time to rest up for a nice morning trail run!  

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