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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Millcreek Makes me Happy!

Millcreek canyon is awesome!  It so close and so beautiful.  The pipeline is my go to trail when I need to cruise and stay away from vert to give the knees a rest.  I love it!  Thursday I wasn't planning on speed work, but it just so happened I felt amazing and kicked ass!

These pictures can't touch the majesty of these mountains.  Standing in this spot is a hundred times more beautiful and amazing!

Some bikers don't happen to know trail etiquette.  Most are quite friendly and pull over, but the occasional biker threatens to throw me off the trail by zooming past!
Yes, you're seeing that right!  Six miles in under an hour!
6 miles 
9:52 average pace!!!

See this smile?  It's there because that may well have been my fastest trail run ever!  

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