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Monday, May 12, 2014

Daily Mile

Tuesday was 3.5 miles of suck.  But, at least I had these cute new compression sleeves!

3.5 miles
11:49 average pace

Thursday was much more enjoyable.  I went out to run in the slush in Corner Canyon.  I keep thinking I'm going to get tired of running Corner Canyon, but then I go there and have the best day ever over and over again!

Saw these awesome huge bird prints!  I had no idea what they were from, but after asking around, I'm going to go with Turkey.
I know this one!  Deer!

There were no human prints to be seen, otherwise I'd say dog.  But, maybe fox?

I still don't know whose tracks these are...

These were either from a stray/lost dog (remember, there were no human prints besides my own) or maybe a coyote?

Hey, look!  Hogwarts!

I'll come back for more soon, Coyote Hollow!
8.5 miles
12:29 average pace


  1. Ha! That Hogwarts house is across the way from my parents' neighborhood. We drove up there just to ogle once. Incredible.
    It's weird that I've never run CC. I need to fix that!


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