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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Birthday Party Run

Before I even signed up for Bryce 50 I was toying with the idea of a birthday number run (meaning I'd run 38 miles for my 38th birthday on June 4th).  Then, once I signed up for Bryce I decided it would be a great last long run and a great time all around.  However, June 4th is a bit too close, so I decided May 25th would be the perfect day.  I made plans, invited friends, made a route and got lots of food and gear ready to go.  I have to admit that I was pretty nervous the day before.  This would be my longest run ever!

The morning arrived and I headed out to Corner Canyon.  Only one runner, of the several who were planning to meet me, showed up at 5am.  All the others cancelled or came at a later time.  So, Chris (whom I met at Bosho this year) and I headed out on loop one, nearly five miles, and then met up with Katherine, Dona, Courtney, and Laurie for loop two, 9 miles.  After that my son Kurtis, his girlfriend Elizabeth and Meghan and Rob, along with Laurie, Chris and I, came out for a couple miles.  This next loop was over ten miles and by the end was just Chris and I.  During that ten mile loop my hip started stiffening up and I had to stop a few times to stretch.  The next loop was to be my last in Corner Canyon and the plan was that I'd then run Bonneville Shoreline Trail the last few miles to Hidden Valley Park where my family and friends would be waiting.  

Although I felt great mentally and physically (aside from the stiff hip) my hip continued to stiffen and on the next eight mile loop it started radiating down my IT band and into my knee.  I eventually had to force myself to walk the better part of the last two miles and call it one lap short of my goal.   I was feeling rather frustrated by this and was glad that I still had company.  Chris was the only runner left, all the others had long since gone home.  He encouraged me to walk, which was good and I decided to call Jeff and tell him what was up.  He joked with me on the phone and made me feel better.  We got to the trailhead after 32.7 miles and 7 hours and 54 minutes of running (and some walking at the end, grrr).  

Once back at the car I headed over to Hidden Valley trying my very best to feel proud, not disappointed.  Jeff brought carne asade, cake, water and recovery drinks.  Katherine and Denise brought gifts and we all sat the park and enjoyed the beautiful day.  I felt really great and after a bit I started to feel a little more proud and a little less disappointed.  

Glitter nails, check!
RUN medal hanger for Laurie, check!
Absurd amounts of gear and clothing, check!
On lap one as the sun started to make it's way up.
My bestie running friend!
Laurie, Katherine, Chris & I.
Me, Dona, Laurie and the rest of the gang...
I was attacked by this wild bear at the top of Maple Hollow! 
Whoever said running was no fun, clearing wasn't running with us!
My son!  <3
Moving so fast it's a blur!
Me, Laurie & Rob.

Me, Chris, Meghan & Rob.
Little Valley Loop
Represent!  #trailandultra #trailfie
Sore knees?  Try that snow melt!  Felt much better afterward!

There it is!  My longest run ever!  
My beautiful little girl on her new birthday bike, enjoying the park!
YES!  You bet I enjoyed that 33 mile trail run! (Thanks to Katherine for this next series of photos)

Fun at the park!
My wonderful husband who not only puts up with my insanity, but supports it!  
And remember when I said presents?  Not only did I get a free lunch (thank you Denise!) and some cake flavored vodka (who knew there was such a thing!? More thanks to Katherine) but check out these awesome leggings Katherine got me! 

Space cat leggings are so rad I almost can't wait for it to get cold again so I can wear them!  Almost.
I'm hip.  Get it!?  I'm hip!  I crack me up!
Thank you to my family and all the awesome runners who came and helped me run nearly 33 miles!  It was a really great day and I am feeling really strong physically and mentally and ready to tackle 50 miles!  Bring on Bryce!


  1. I SO wish I could have been at that running party! I have to assume that those space cats give the wearer superhuman powers. You are going to do AWESOME at Bryce!!

    1. Cory, we'll run together one of these days! And I think you're right. Space cats are certain to give me super powers!!! Thanks for the positive vibes! I'll remember that when I'm feeling low at Bryce!


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