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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Trail Marathon PR

My Sunday long run was amazing.  I have never felt so good for so much of a run that long!  I ran from Hidden Valley Park on the Bonneville Shoreline trail to Corner Canyon where I ran a couple different loops.  I kept feeling wonderful as I ran and couldn't believe it!  At mile 18 I actually texted Jeff to say I wouldn't believe how great I felt!  I never crashed and only felt stronger as I neared the end.  This is a huge mental boost for me with Bryce 50 miler coming up so soon!  Plus, this turned into my trail marathon PR!  And it wasn't even a race!  

The water levels were high to all the falls were amazing!

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About half way.
From the top of Maple Hollow.  Elevation about 6,200'.
I had never taken this loop before.  It's less than a mile, but totally worth it!  Beautiful!

See?  Beautiful!

I went up Ghost falls and back to BST via Rattler on the way back to Hidden Valley.
Excuse the goofy grin.  I'm only at like mile 20 here.

Evidence!  Trail marathon PR!
26.2 miles
12:49 average pace

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