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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mountain Love

It was a beautiful morning in on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and down in Corner Canyon this morning.  I love this run and I was happy to have company.  Lindsay came down to my neck of the woods for this early morning south valley mountain run.  It was fantastic!

On a bit of uphill.
Beautiful winding single track on Clark's Trail.
Oh, how I love those signs!  
At the top there is a bike pump and tools!  Very cool!

Mountain Lion bridge.  At least that's what I call it.  It now has not one, but two pictures of mountain lions fixed to it.  This is actually Bear Creek, or so it says on the bridge.

More blasted uphill!
On top of the world!

I love these mountains!!!

2 hr 55 min
14:00 pace


  1. That run left me pretty tired! Those trails were awesome!

    1. I <3 Corner Canyon! Next time we'll explore more!


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