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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Today was AWESOME!  I'm pretty much in love with Corner Canyon, so of course that's where I went.  I decided I'd go out Ann's Trail again, like we did on Sunday to see if I could duplicate my speed.  I not only ran faster than I did on Sunday, I ran faster than I ever have on any trail!  I pushed it and it felt great!  When I got to the half way point and realized that my pace was just over a twelve minute mile, I knew I could bring it down in the the elevens.  And I did!!!

That's where I'm headed.  The hills!
Multi-use trail
Half way!  I was so excited to make it in such good time.  I stopped for a minute or two to eat and take a couple pictures.

I had to stop and take a few of the wild flowers, but of course, I paused my Garmin.

I am so thrilled that I could push this hard and not bonk!  I'm hoping that I can rock this speed for my 21K this weekend!  Wish me luck.

8.7 miles
1 hr 39 min
11:23 pace

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