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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yoga, Lifting & a Run

This week has been nice.  Monday I switched it up a bit and headed, with Katherine, to a free yoga class at Salt Lake Running Co.  It was the perfect post race work out.  Today Jeff and I headed to the gym for back and arm day.  Then I snuck out for a super quick run before it was time to pick up Clarissa from preschool.  I'm feeling very energized about running in general right now.  I think all the cross training is starting to pay off, and I'm feeling strong when I run.  Plus, the time spent lifting and doing yoga is a nice break and I enjoy running even more when I head out.

Today's run
1.5 miles (I haven't run that little at once in a long time!  It was over SO fast!)
9:51 pace

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