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Sunday, May 26, 2013

the long run

Another Sunday full of epic Corner Canyon goodness with my trail running buddies.  I felt amazing today!  I was full of energy and feeling speedy.  I was able to power uphills and crush downhills.  Where did all the energy come from!?  It was fantastic!  I kept getting ahead of the girls, which is totally unusual for me, as we all run right at about the same pace. It gave me plenty of opportunity to take lots of pictures.  We did a Coyote Hollow loop to Clark's and then out and back on Ann's.  We made it all the way to the end of Ann's Trail, where it meets up with Bonneville Shoreline. We had intended on 10-12 miles and ended up with a bit more.  It was just a beautiful day to be out and we were all enjoying ourselves.    

Lindsay fits in perfectly with us goofballs.

13 miles
3 hr 24 min
15:41 pace (Ugh, I don't like even writing that since it felt so fast.  Guess all those photo ops really screw up my overall pace.)

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