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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Today I decided to test my fortitude.  First, I went to the gym with Jeff this morning and did legs.  Squats and leg presses until my legs shook.  Calf raises, leg extensions, the whole number.  Jeff kept asking me repeatedly, "Are you sure you're going to go running later?"  YES!  Of course I'm going running.  I had already planned it with Katherine.  There was no way I was skipping.  The last time I did legs I was oh so very sore... for days!  Despite what could have been a horribly painful experience, I laced up and met Katherine for a run at Dimple Dell Gully.  We decided to head west instead of east and mix it up.  The trail was lovely and there was lots of soft sand, wood chips, and fantastic winding single track.

There was also some very colorful graffiti.  Believe it or not, I miss graffiti.  Utah has way less, and way less impressive, graffiti than California.
Hey!  It's me!
Sketchy rape cave?  Smoking cave?  I don't want to know cave.  I'll look at it from a distance, thank you very much.
Amazingly, I didn't hurt!  I could tell I had done leg work this morning, but I felt good.  I was a little tired, and walked a bit more than usual, but it worked out as Katherine had just gotten over the stomach flu.  Most importantly, we had a wonderful time.  Of course!

4.15 miles
13:03 pace

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