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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Vigor Half Marathon

Today was the Vigor Utah Big Cottonwood Half Marathon.  It was an early early morning.  Buses were leaving at 4am, so I picked up Meghan just before 3:30am and we headed to the finish.  The buses hadn't arrived yet, so we were a little curious about that, but they finally showed up just a minute or two past 4am.  We loaded into the school bus and headed on our way only to pull over after only a mile or so up the canyon.  The bus had broken down.  Jokes and laughter began to fill the bus as runners made funny comments.  Meghan and I chatted and goofed on our phones, and before we knew it the first bus was back down to rescue us.  We watched the bus driver make a nearly impossible three point turn in the canyon and then pull up along side our broken bus.  Luckily, we arrived with time to spare.  The drop off was actually not the start, and at 5:30am we were lead quite a ways down to the starting line.  It was about a mile walk down the canyon to the starting line, which was strange, but a good warm up.  The race started on time and we were able to start at a pretty good pace.  As we warmed up we sped up considerably and were both feeling really great.  It's a beautiful canyon and the perfect grade for running down.  It was hard work, but was totally worth it.  The last two miles were pretty hard, but not nearly as hard as the end of a marathon!  There were moments that we even ran in the sixes!  I was really very happy with our finish time.  PR, baby!  

At the finish area, waiting for the bus.
On the first bus.
Broken down.  So, what do we do?  Entertain ourselves, of course.

We made it to Solitude!  It seems all of my friends and I carry toys with us when we run.  Hmm...
Meghan, trying to look like her baby daughter who is more often than not, scowling.  
The mile walk.
At the starting line.
Meghan snapped this one not long after the start.


Now, what you've been waiting for!  Our finish time!  Meghan and I crossed the finish line together and both got a PR.  The crazy thing is my second half marathon was 12 minutes faster than my first, and now, my third half marathon was 12 minutes faster than my second!  Yeehaw!  Thanks to my wonderful running buddy, Meghan, for running this race with me and helping me speed along!

13.1 miles
8:50 pace!!!!!

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