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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Daily Mile

Katherine, my trusted running buddy, and I have devised the perfect summer training plan.  We are doing a kid swap.  Today she watched my girls while I went to the gym and Friday I'm watching her boys so she can get a run or workout in.  Playdate + stress free workout = perfect plan!

Today I did  a bit of a whole body workout.  I had Jeff make me a plan that consisted of dead lifts, bench press, side lat raises, lat pull downs, biceps and triceps.  It was strange at first, going in without Jeff, but then I got into my own groove.  Then I ran a whole mile on the treadmill.  Those things are torture devises!  Ugh.  I'd rather get up at 4am and go for a real run than run on the dreadmill!  

1 mile
11 min

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