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Monday, June 10, 2013

The Dirty Dash

Kurtis and I had a blast at the Dirty Dash!  Unfortunately, we didn't have a camera man this time, so the only pictures of the after are from the race photographer and will be posted Wednesday.  So you'll just have to wait!  I was pumped that this year I was able to do the monkey bars!  They were very muddy, so hard to hold on to, but I made it nearly all the way across!  Last year I couldn't do them at all!  We ran the whole course, which loads of people walked.  Kurtis and I had to giggle as we ran up a small hill a guy we passed yelled, "Healthy people!  They don't smoke or eat cake!" Kurtis replied with, "I don't know.  I like cake.  A lot!"  

Jeff brought the girls out in time to meet us for the Piglet Plunge.  Lila's friend, Marianna, from school and her mom were there so we did the Plunge together.  The girls had fun until after the race when they were covered in mud and freezing.  Plus, the ice cold hose shower didn't help matters.  But, soon enough we were all in dry and (relatively) clean clothes and heading home.  Over all, it was a super fun day.  I love that my kids will do this stuff with me.  Also, Kurtis declared he wants to do a Tough Mudder next.  Cool.  I'll do it with him!

Kurtis and I, before.  Squeeky clean!
Post hose-shower.  Hmm, I think I missed a little...
Come back Wednesday or Thursday to see the beautiful muddy pictures!

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