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Thursday, June 20, 2013

We All Start Somewhere

I have had so many people talk to me about running as if I'm some great runner and how they'd like to start, but couldn't do the distance I'm doing, etc.  But I like to remind people that we all start at the bottom and work up.  So, maybe not everyone's goal is to run an ultramarathon.  That's okay (and probably the sane choice) but maybe you want to run a 5K or a 10K.  I just found this scribbled notepad with mileage logged back in March of 2011, when I started running again regularly for the first time in about sixteen years.  Take a look for yourself.  I started off running only one to one and a half miles at a time.  In the notes on the side I've written run 1/walk 1, meaning I ran for one minute, then walked for one minute for that entire one and a half miles.  It's not as if I just decided one day I'd run a marathon and started pumping out five milers. I started with half walking half running very short distances and worked my way up.  It hurt a lot more at first than it does now, and new distances were more rewarding than at any other time.  
Anyone can run.  Anyone.  You just have to start at the beginning.

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