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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Birthday Run

This morning when I got back from taking my daughter, Lila, to school I had quite the surprise on my front door!  A note telling me it was time for a scavenger hunt! I instantly knew Katherine was behind it. She, Meghan, and I had already planned a running play date at the park, but this was a new twist!  I was so excited!  I got Clarissa and I ready and headed to the park.  Before I got there, I received a text telling me where I might find my next clue.  I dropped Clarissa at the playground with Meghan, Katherine and their kids and ran off (literally) to go on my hunt!  Katherine had put clues all around Flat Iron Mesa park.  I ran around to find them all, ending with a gift back at the playground.  What sweet, awesome friends!

This put the biggest smile on my face!
Renee would just keep on running, Dean.
My little runner and I.

All the clues.
John McEnroe!  Katherine, you slay me!
Oops, the first two are out of order...
Playing in the park.  Clarissa sure can rock a visor!  
Run and ride time.  This worked out extremely well and I'm sure I'll be using this tactic to get more runs in this summer.
My wonderful running buddies!
Look at those beautiful smiles!  I seriously have the best friends!
A beautiful day in the park!
Katherine made me this card.  Rarr!
Thanks so much, ladies, for the wonderful scavenger run!  I loved it!

I think I ran only a total of about two miles, but the fun I had made up for the lack of mileage.  It was a great birthday run!

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  1. A surprise scavenger hunt for your birthday? Isn’t it just unique? Most scavenger hunts I’ve seen were at a children’s party. Now I realize that it’s a game suitable for both adults and kids. But with this game twist, I think this is more fun compared with a regular scavenger hunt game.

    - Rosalinda Hone @ RiddleMe


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