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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bosho Marathon Photos

Bosho was an ass kicker!  Harder than my last 50k!  I'm so wiped out that I can't even give a proper race report.  For now, photos.  Later, race report!

Looks like a mountain lion had a nice breakfast on the trail.  Luckily it wasn't bloody!

This giant climb, we came from the very bottom and still aren't at the top, is appropriately named, "Uncle Fucker."

A cairn!  Too bad it's fuzzy.  I was trying not to stop moving!

14.2 miles in and still feeling great!
Oh boy!  Another climb!

See those tiny specs on the ridge?  That's where we're going.  To the top!
Curses! The climb to the top of Meridian was a bitch! #trailandultra
The top!  Again.  Finally.
Really?  Another climb.  Sounds like great fun!
Done and done!  Laurie finished maybe about fifteen minutes after me.  Way to go, Laurie!
26.6 miles
15:54 average pace 

Thank to Aaron Williams for snapping these fun pictures!

Aaron ran with me for like five minutes and then went on to finish about two hours ahead of me!  And put some clothes on for crying out loud!  I mean really?  Who runs nekkid?
 Just finished!
 Happy to be done!

 Reppin' the #trailandultra and #ultrachat hats!  TrailAndUltraRunning.com

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