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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Just so you know...

I am not a sissy.  Just so you know.  I realized this on my second run of the day on Tuesday, the day after heavy leg day at the gym.

Tuesday morning I got up early and did a small road run with Jeff.  Then, I came home, got kids off to school and hit the trails.  At first, it was a brutal slog.  After all, I murdered my legs only the day before.  Despite feeling like I would call it early, I ended up pushing through and had an absolutely amazing run and even ended up being fast!  I went out Ann's to the Bonneville Shoreline and did one big loop.  It was outstanding!

Oh, how I love you Corner Canyon!

My first trail jump selfie, inspired than none other than Fast Cory!

Hello Mr. Bunny!

2.34 road miles
12:21 average pace

8.25 trail miles
11:28 average pace
(p.s. the last 3.6 miles were at a 10:40 average pace!  Word.)

10.59 total miles


  1. how do you take a jumping trailfie? I do not know the art. :-) Love your posts.

    1. I take a video of myself jumping & then do a screen shot! ;)


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