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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Daily Mile & Lift

Monday I kicked ass on an early morning five mile run up Viscounti. Then I hit the gym and did legs.  Jeff tagged along to the gym as my personal motivator and pushed me to do an awesome leg workout that I am still feeling two days later!  

Leg extensions
Hamstring curls
Leg press
Standing calf raise
Donkey calf raise

That five o'clock alarm sure comes quick!  But, I do love that early morning peacefulness.  
Run complete. My furry bud and I. (FARF?)
5 miles
9:51 average pace!!!

Lap 1
2.5 miles
11:19 average pace

Lap 2
2.5 miles
8:23 average pace!!!  Did someone call me Mo?

Proof!  BOOM!

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