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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Last week I saw my friend Jennilyn (the queen of vert) and said, "Jennilyn, I need to get in some vert.  Will you take me?"  So we formulated a plan to to hike/run Wire.  Wire is no joke.  You gain 2,233' in 1.9 miles.  That said, I certainly wasn't breaking any records hiking up that hill!  It was a chilly morning and loads of fun to go somewhere new.  Jennilyn is a wealth of information and after I bonked at about one mile in (laugh it up, that's a tough hike!) I ate some applesauce, recovered and we chatted a lot about race nutrition.  I'm super glad we went and I definitely need to get some more vert in before Bryce and Logan! 

Brr!  Where did Spring go?
On the way up!

Jennilyn snapped this one of me hiking up a "runnable" section.  HA!  Depends on who you are!
This is the only steep section I took a picture of, because I could hardly breath, let alone take photos!

First Wire ascent!

Thanks for snapping this, Jennilyn.  Excuse my goofy form.  Those tired legs were not ready for a fast steep downhill!

5.08 miles
20:06 average pace (I promise there was running!)

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  1. Greenery, wildflowers, and snow, all in one short (but killer) run. Crazy! Love the writeup.


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