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Saturday, January 12, 2013

18.15 miles

Well, I did it.  It was a long haul, some good, some bad.  But, I did it!  I headed out the Sandy Rail Trail from Sego Lily and went south.  I went all the way to Draper Park and then headed south on the Porter Rockwell Trail from there.  The first half of the run I felt good.  It was snowing fairly heavily, but I was dressed for it and kept warm.  My glasses got covered in snow at about mile two, so I took them off.  Not sure if there is anything I could have done about that, but I could see much better without them, so that made me happy.  At the half way point I started feeling bad.  My right leg was bugging me a bit and my spirits where low.  I asked myself why on earth I was out in a blizzard running for four hours!?  I did a bit of stretching and by the three hour mark I was feeling quite chipper and remembered exactly why I was out there!  I felt great!  By the last two miles I was hurting again, but this time mostly physically.  I played "Ultramarathon Man," by Dean Karnazes and that always picks me up when I'm struggling.  That man is an inspiration!  This evening I am hurting quite a bit, but it's been a very busy day with cooking and a kid's birthday party included.  I'm very happy to finally sit with a bag of ice and compression sleeve.  Oh, and my foam roller.  Ahhhh...

Feeling fresh and happy.
The trail was mostly plowed and even and though there was snow, it was relatively easy going.

Can you see the tired in my eyes?  This is around mile fifteen.

18.15 miles
4 hr 10 min
13:46 pace

Now who wants to place bets on how many miles I'll make it tomorrow?  

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