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Monday, January 21, 2013

Rest Day 3

Today is day three of no running.  It's actually day three of doing no exercise at all.  I've gotten some things done around the house and went thrift shopping with a girlfriend, but nothing that is helpful to my training aside from not injuring myself.  My friend Melissa, who in her former life was a massage therapist and is now a stay at home mom, came over today and really dug into my hips and glutes.  She said that [insert said muscle here] was really tight on both sides, worked on that and showed me some stretches.  I feel good today after hurting a lot yesterday and am debating running tomorrow.  Although my day is pretty busy in general tomorrow, so maybe Wednesday will be my "test run."

Taking time off like this in the middle of training makes me really nervous and I really don't like it.  However, I figure it's better than an injury that will stop me from racing.  I think I'll do some yoga this afternoon.  Then at least I will have done something.

Many thanks to Melissa for helping me out!  Now let's hope I can get moving again here SOON!


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