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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Training Week 7

This week was all snowy trail runs! Despite missing a short run, I did a lot of long hard runs this week and feel proud of my hard work.  I'm thinking some road runs are in order this week and maybe even a treadmill run!  I have been dealing with a shin splint on my right leg that may have either caused or be because of some calf cramping.  I learned that Epsom salt in a hot bath can kick a cramp like a champ and that Vick's vapor rub is as good as any icy hot I've ever tried.  I also put my new microspikes to use and am loving them!    However strange it may seem, my leg feels much better today.  Week eight looks awfully daunting at the moment with a back to back of 19 and 8 mile runs.  However I'm highly optimistic that it will be a great week.  Hell, if I can run over 16 miles in the snow on a trail, I can run 19 on the road!  Like they say, "Pain You Enjoy."

Week 7
Monday: 3.1
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 7
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 16.12
Sunday: Rest
Total: 26.22

Previous Total: 141.91
Training Grand Total: 168.13

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