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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bum Leg

Well, I've been fighting with my right leg on and off since Christmas time.  I'm not really sure what the deal is, but my right hip is not happy with me.  After a short run today that ended with lots of pain I realized I need some days off.  I have cancelled the rest of my runs this week, including my long run (BOO!).  Those are very painful words, but I just cannot risk a true injury.  Right now I'm somewhere in limbo between healthy and injured and I need a break before I cross the line.  I have an appointment with my chiropractor on Tuesday and am hoping to take a friend up on an offer of some bodywork.  Between that, some ice, rest and ibuprofen I'm hoping to be as good as new by next week sometime.

Today Meghan, Katherine and I headed to the Olympic Oval to check out the indoor track.  It's a .27 mile track and quite nice.  There is an ice rink inside the track, so you can watch the speed skaters practicing while you run, which is fun.  The ice skaters all have butts that you could bounce a quarter off of!  There were a few other runners and a track team there, but there was plenty of room for us moms.  Had my run not ended in pain, I think I would have enjoyed it.  But, with the that and the 30+ minute car ride both ways I was left feeling quite frustrated at the wasted morning.  Hey, at least I got to chat with my girlfriends.
2.19 miles
12:24 pace

One bonus about the Oval was these awesome cut outs!  May as well end on a fun note!

Us gals.
Meghan running the track with her kids.

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