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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Race Course Run

Today was another training run out on Antelope Island with the Buffalo Run crew.  As usual, we met up at 8am and started not too long after that.  It was one of the physically toughest runs I've ever done.  The footing was rough with deep snow and it was cold.  But it was sunny and beautiful and I was feeling great.  We did the 50k course loop (the 50k is two 16 mile loops, which actually makes it 32 miles, not 31) so it was great to see what I'll be expecting on race day.  There is a pretty tough steep section from approximately mile seven to nine (then again at mile 23-25!) that I had never been on before.  There was a lot of walking during those miles.  In fact mostly all walking because it was a series of switch backs and then another stretch up uphill after that!  I can imagine that doing that for a second time around mile 23 will be challenging, to say the least.  I was happy to run along with two other runners who ran a similar pace as me.  All in all a wonderful run and I finished with a smile on my face.  Just the way I like it!

It was C.O.L.D. cold at the start!  This was in the parking lot before we headed out onto the island.  It warmed up to a balmy 9º before we headed out on our run.  I have to say that at first, my face and fingertips where quite numb.
A sea of white.
It was so quiet and serene. 
Here comes the sun!  Once the sun came up it was quite pleasant, despite the cold.
Uneven footing much of the way.
A bit of uphill.

We ran all that way!

The rocks and snow are quite dramatic.

Afterward the race director once again had hot chocolate for everyone and I was more than glad to have a pb&j waiting for me in my car along with some coconut water and a large chocolate milk.  I was famished!  What a workout!  After I made it home I was wiped out and my calves cramped up.  After some foam rolling, stretching, a hot bath with Epsom salt and some icy hot I'm feeling quite good. I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight!

16.12 miles
4 hr 12 min
15:38 pace

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