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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Guest Blogger

Today's guest blogger is a pal of mine who ran his farthest run ever today!  I was fun to run with him and watch his enthusiasm for running.  He is a natural and I'm happy he came along.  Prior to today, his longest run ever was just under 11 miles.  Today he logged about three more miles than Katherine and I!  Can you guess who he is?  Without further ado, my guest...

Today I got to go on a super fun run with two awesome (and tall) ladies.  They're super slow, but I still love them!  I ran and ran and had the time of my life! I love the snow and I love running in the snow, so I was right in my element.  
Here are my stats.  
13.42 miles
2 hr 35 min
Average speed 5.2 mph
Max speed 16 mph!  (no I'm not Kenyan)

Do you know who I am?  I'll give you a hint.  I have red curly hair and Renee is my very best friend.  Here are pictures of the ladies and I.

We headed south on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail from the Orson Smith trailhead.  Even though the first half of the run is all uphill, I don't mind.
There I am!  Trotting along ahead!  Renee let me wear her Garmin (it was Lila's brilliant idea!) so she could see how much more I actually run than her when we go out trail running together.

It was such a beautiful trail!

The tall, slow ladies.  

We made it above the inversion.  

These ladies should have paid more attention to this sign because on the way back they went the wrong way and got lost!  Luckily we weren't really lost, just had to do a bit of backtracking. 

I'm always very good and wait up for the ladies even though it brings my overall pace way down! 

Maybe these ladies need some dog noses, because they got lost twice!  I think they added two or three miles to their run.  Oh well, I still had fun! 

Oh, and Katherine and Renee had a pretty good run too:
2 hr 35 min
10-10.6 (Katherine's Garmin that was recording their distance died at mile 7, so it's approximate)
14:30-15:30 pace

 Bark!  Bark!

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