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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Training Week 10 or I love Maverik

Today was one of those awful/wonderful runs.  It started with a failed trip up Millcreek Canyon due to a blocked road and full parking lots.  Katherine and I were going to meet there, so I called her and told her it was a no go, to meet me at the Sandy Rail Trail.  After about 45 minutes in the car I was ready to get this run started.  Of course, I forgot my Garmin   At that point I was frustrated and decided to just let it all go.  I got in about a twenty minute run before I met up with Katherine and we headed on our way.  Despite the clear blue sky and the sunshine we were both very grumpy about running and agreed that we would rather be in bed.  We kept on keeping on and the next thing we know it began to rain.  This did not lift our spirits.  I vowed to not let Katherine quit if she wouldn't let me and we motored on.  Then, I had and idea and we left the rail trail on a mission and almost immediately felt better.  We were headed for the nearest gas station for hot coffee!  Yes, we stopped and bought coffee and then proceeded to run with said coffee and drink it through straws!  Despite the fact that it was now pouring rain we were quite happy and were finally beginning to enjoy our run.  It's amazing how a crappy run can suddenly become a fun run and not really have anything to do with the terrain, weather or anything else that would seem logical.  It's completely mental.  That adventure to the gas station (I should have known, Maverik is "adventure's first stop"  HA HA HA) took us down roads we'd never ran and we were having a blast!

On the Rail Trail we were running so sluggishly you might have mistaken us for these fine fellows we happened upon. 

Two cups of  piping hot motivation!
It's easy to run and drink coffee from a straw.  Who knew?
Thanks to my two awesome running buddies, this totally crappy run turned into a fun party run.  I finished my three hours with a smile on my face!

3 hours
Approximately 12.5-13 miles.  Since I forgot my Garmin I don't really know.  Katherine had hers, but I ran before she arrived and a bit more after she left, so this is my best guess.  For the sake of having mileage to write down I'll just say it was 12.75. 

Week 10
Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 4, plus weight lifting
Thursday: 4.6
Friday: 1, plus 30 min. elliptical
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 12.75
Total: 22.35

Previous Total: 209.47
Training Grand Total: 231.82

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