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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Daily Mile

Let me just start by saying freezing rain is not my favorite to run in.  In fact, it sucks.  And, in case you were wondering, freezing rain is not the same thing as snow or hail.  It's super cold rain that freezes when it hits the ground so you end up with a sheet of ice on everything.  Sounds good, right?  Plus today was particularly brutal because Jeff had me doing squats and leg presses the day before.  My hamstrings are still screaming sore from that!  I figure it's good mental training for when the going gets rough in my race.  
We headed to Crestwood Park, but the trail was so torn up and frozen that I called it quits and headed back home.


4.6 miles
time and pace undetermined because I paused my watch at half way instead of hitting the lap button.  Oops.

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