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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ellie Greenwood

I've been hearing a lot about Ellie Greenwood.  She was voted 2012 Ultrarunner of the year by Ultrarunning Magazine and when I read this and many of her race times I started looking for more info on her.  She is truly amazing.  Many of us are fast (not I) and many of us can endure the distance (my category) but not many can go the distance and be fast.  Ellie Greenwood is not just fast, she is jaw dropping fast.  She beat Ann Trason's (another amazing female ultrarunner who held the WSER course record for 18 years) Western States Endurance Run course record last year with a time of 16:47:19!  That's just over ten minute miles, for 100 miles through the mountains!

Check out this video of Ellie talking about her first ever 100 miler, which was the Western States in 2011.  

I know I'll never be fast, and I'm okay with that, but reading about runners like Ellie Greenwood makes me want to run.  And run and run and run...

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