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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Packet Pick Up

Today Katherine and I headed to Layton to pick up our race packets.  We were like teenagers on the way to prom.  Or maybe like kids on the first day of school.  Or brides on their wedding day.  Ok, maybe not that intense.  We had fun on our drive.  We talked nonstop about the race, of course.

It's official!  We're running the 2013 Antelope Island Buffalo Run!
We got some awesome technical shirts, lots of goodies and some fliers for other trail races.  I came home and organized my race day gear further.  I packed my drop bag.  Officially decided what I'm going to wear and got together clothes and drinks for after the race.  Only one day left!  

I'm not sure what book this was out of, but I saw it and took a picture a while back.  I love this saying for my long runs.  The human body is really quite amazing.  I know I'll be tapping unknown resources on Saturday!


  1. Good luck! I'll be thinking about you and sending you lots of positive energy!


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