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Monday, March 11, 2013

Race day nutrition

I'm starting to think a lot about fuel on race day. Well, obviously I've been thinking about fuel on all my long runs. I've learned a lot about what works for me during my marathon and 50k training. For breakfast before a long run I start with a banana and a bar (like a Kind or Lara bar.) Then on the run, I start off with my first food intake at around 45 minutes. Then I eat every 30 minutes for the first three hours, and every 20 minutes thereafter.  I really like GU gels until the last couple of hours when I'm wanting real food and also having a hard time with so much sugar. This is when I start preferring almond butter packets, raisins and kind bars. This race will be a whole new realm for me as I will be running longer than five hours for the first time. I'm going to bring plenty of gels, almond butter, raisins, fruit leather, kind bars, plantain chips, and of course, some 5 hr energy for good measure. I also use emergen-c electro mix powder in my water.
I really don't know if there will be anything that I can eat at the aid stations, and cross contamination is always a concern for me (I have celiac disease for those of you who didn't know.) I will assume I cannot eat anything the race provides and bring enough in my pack to fuel my entire race. I love my Nathan pack, by the way!
I'm getting so excited! Only 12 days left until race day!!!!!!

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