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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Run Buddy = Run Better

Utahrunning.com is asking for feedback from Utah runners.  Their first topic of discussion is: Is training in groups or with running partners overrated or does it really help elevate your training?

What can I say?  I love my running buddies.  If it weren't for those girls there would have been many a morning I went right back to sleep.  Having a partner who is relying on you absolutely helps get you out of bed when it's 5 degrees, when it's dark, when it's snowing, or when you just plain don't feel like lacing up.  

That's not the only perk.  What about those runs when you feel like the world is all wrong?  When you wonder why you've chosen this sport.  You know those runs when all you can think about is the end of the run?  Two words: Running Buddy!    What better way to turn a brutal run into bliss than to get the party started?  Sing to each other?  Yes please.  Dance in the streets?  You bet!  Stop for coffee and then run with it?  Ohhh yeah!

Take a look at some of these runs.  Do I think they were more fun because of my running buddies?  Yes.  Yes I do.

Strike a Pose
Things to be thankful for: Running Buddies 
Epic Snow Run 

Don't get me wrong.  I love a solo run.  I love a nice long run where I can just get inside my head and find out what's going on in there, find out what I'm made of.  But, I do love my running buddies.  Sharing successes and failures (and new longer distances) together makes for some very entertaining times and some very strong friendships.   


  1. Great post Renee! Thanks for your thoughts on this topic. I completely agree with you!

  2. I just tonight found your running blog, Renee, and I'm loving it! I have a question: as a mom, how do you find time to run regularly, especially the long runs? You might have already addressed this (I've not made it through all of the posts yet), but I thought I'd ask. Aside from finding a decent place to run here in the land without sidewalks and with incredibly rocky hiking trails, the kid factor has been the toughest one for me to manage. That and finding a running buddy. I would love to have a running buddy.

    1. Yay, hi C! I'm glad you're enjoying it! Honestly I don't sleep as much as I'd normally like, but it's a compromise. I do a lot of early morning runs. Also, I do have a teenage son who is an excellent baby sitter! When it comes to long runs, sometimes I feel like I'm away too long, but I'm such a better mom & more present when I can get out & run for a few hours.


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