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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Race recovery run?

If your first run post-race day is supposed to be mellow, I probably picked the wrong run.  However, it couldn't have been much more fun and adventure packed.  There was about a 2,000' climb to start, including a very steep uphill (and then downhill) section, lots of rocks, some slippery mud, snow and a bushwhack straight uphill.  Luckily I had wonderful company.  Lindsay invited me to go on this group run for her husband's birthday.  There was a large group, but she and I happen to be slightly *cough cough* slower than the rest of the group so we were by ourselves until the end when another runner Lindsay knew ran the last bit with us.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day and the views were stunning.  Since we did so much slow climbing, I took advantage and took lots of photos.  

We started at Wild Rose Trailhead Park, which is in the North Salt Lake area, at 6:30am, with the moon still high in the sky.

I had a little company from Texas (long story short: I have an awesome friend who is a riot!)  You see Sparky Joh and Piggypie Joh here taking a rest.

Lindsay and I taking in the view.  I knew visors where cool!  I knew it!

At the top.  7,141'.

Great view of the whole Salt Lake valley.
The Oquirrh mountains.

We didn't come across too much snow, but this patch happened to be on a rather steep uphill.

Nothing like a little downward facing dog to help those sore running muscles!

Kelly, who I just met, came in ninth place in the Buffalo Run 100 miler!  Awesome!
An explanation of why I am now exhausted...
It was a great day back!  I am now quite tired and am contemplating a nap.  I'm really glad Lindsay invited me.  She is fun to run with!  I see more running adventures together in the future!

11.63 miles
3 hours 41 min
don't even ask about pace!


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