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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I must be Dreaming!

Today I realized there are only 18 days left until race day!  AHHHHHH!  I am so excited!  I had butterflies in my stomach for a couple hours this afternoon just thinking about it!  Let the race dreams begin.  I've had a few very bizarre dreams already.  In one dream I found myself at the starting line of the race talking to the race director, Wilhelmina Slater who took all my laundry (that was strangely at the starting line) and dumped it on top of a pile of liverwurst.  Then I realized that Lila and Clarissa were with me and had no one to supervise them while I ran the race.

In another dream I went from the start of the race to the finish with no recollection of actually running the race.  I desperately asked everyone around me if I finished and no one had the answer.  When I looked online to find my race results I realized that I didn't know my bib number and couldn't look myself up!

I'm sure I'll have plenty more crazy race dreams in the next eighteen days.  And I'm sure I'll have plenty more butterflies.  I wonder if I'll have the post marathon blues again.  For now I'll just enjoy this pre-race high and hope the taper doesn't kill me!

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