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Monday, March 4, 2013

New Blue Shoes

Today seemed so fast after Sunday's long run.  I had Clarissa in the stroller and the dog, but it still seemed easier!  I met Katherine for a couple miles of her long run and then headed back home.  It was cold, but sunny and beautiful out.

Bundled up and ready to go!

"Mommy, make a funny face!"

My view today.

Today I realized that I was overdue for a new pair of shoes.  Check out this sad pair!

Wow.  I really was overdue!

Ahhh!  Nothing like a new pair of shoes!  I even got a free pair of socks, thank you Wasatch Running Center!  Oh, and I went up half a size to see if that helps with my lovely toenail issues.  DO NOT ask me what size they are.  They're HUGE.  That's all you need to know!

4.5 miles
12:12 pace


  1. Love your attitude so glad you are enjoying life!Love you really big!

  2. Thanks Aunt Yo! Love you too! xo


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