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Friday, December 28, 2012

Beach Bum Run

This morning I headed out early and ran through the neighborhood, then decided to head to the beach. The beach portion of the run was spectacular.  I loved it so much I found myself grinning ear to ear.  At one point I threw my hands up and in the air and gave a whoop!  I couldn't help it!  It was one of those amazing runs that make me glad to be alive.  I ran on the beach for about three and a half miles before I realized that I had passed my turn around point and would be adding extra mileage to my run.  At first I was a little bummed because I thought I might have added about two to three miles to my run and even thought about getting a ride, but by mile eleven I was happy about it and kept on keeping on.  It turned out I only added one and a half miles, which isn't so bad.  I ran on the beach for about 7 of the 13.5 miles I ran.  I wish I could run on the beach every day!  

Good morning sunshine!  

Peaceful, quiet and oh so beautiful!  

Can you see my happiness? 

It warmed up so much that I took my (long sleeved) top off.   Many of the locals were wearing long sleeves, sweatshirts and coats.  I got a lot of strange looks. 
 I'll miss the sunshine and waves.  Time to psych myself up for some fun snow runs!

2 hr 31 min
11:11 pace

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