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Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the World Run

Today when my alarm went off at 6:35am, I felt insane.  Why on earth was I leaving the warmth of my bed with all of my family sound asleep to run in the dark and cold?  I checked two different weather reports.  One said it was 23, but "feels like" 17 degrees.  The other said 19 degrees and "feels like" 19 degrees.  Any way you slice it the temperature was cold.  I layered* massively, drank a little hot tea and headed out with Ozzy and a flashlight.  Almost instantly I was happy I was running.  Today was a great run!  Despite the dark and cold, or maybe because of it, I felt alive and ready for an adventure. I did 7.6 miles with Ozzy, dropped him off at home and headed back out.  Although Ozzy could probably run 15 miles, I cherish the solitude and wanted that today.  15 miles felt easy and I've felt great the rest of the day.  Now, hoping seven miles tomorrow will feel equally great!

After the sun was coming up, it was still pretty cold.

Love that sunrise!

15 miles
2 hr 45 min
11 min pace

*What I wore today
Ear warmer headband (I don't like hats, they're too hot and I have lots of hair)
My visor (because I can't run without it!)
Neck/face warmer to keep my cheeks warm
Long sleeved technical shirt
Short sleeved technical shirt
Pull over fleece
Powercore running tights
Running shorts over tights to keep my other cheeks warm
Ankle gaiters
Fleece mittens

I was just right and actually took of the neck warmer after only a few miles.  After the sun came up I was starting to get a bit too warm, but as my run was nearly over it was no biggie.

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